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Published May 09, 2012

The District
Tacos Al Pastor and Habanero Ceviche

District TacoStop and think about what you’re doing right now. Whatever it is, we’ll wager that it could probably be improved by a taco.

(Well, and Adriana Lima. But for now, let’s focus on the tacos.)

Welcome to District Taco, the NoVa food truck startup turned taco empire, making its downtown debut on Friday.

This is the kind of Mexican quick-serve spot—done up in brick, wood and corrugated metal held together with bottle-cap rivets—that you’ll want to stop into just about anytime. For the fast midday lunch. To grab a bushel of takeout tacos for game time. When you find yourself still wearing a tuxedo at 7:30am.

Speaking of which, you can get breakfast tacos and huevos rancheros all day, and yes, you should add bacon and chorizo to them. And if that cup of coffee isn’t waking you up, bypass the salsa bar and ask for the by-request-only habanero salsa.

For less dire situations, you can opt for the shrimp ceviche, the Nachos Borrachos topped with meat salsa, or just build your own taco from all manner of meats and toppings—carnitas, al pastor, barbacoa.

In coming weeks, expect some outdoor seating and a lineup of seven Mexican beers.

You wouldn’t sit outside with an iced tea.
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