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Published July 30, 2012

Penthouse Forum
A Private Penthouse Party in Uptown

108. 106. 106. 106. 102.

Yes, that’s your five-day weather forecast. You’re going to need a bigger A/C.

Or you’re going to need a penthouse with chilled Manhattans, cool jazz and a breezy open-air patio.

Enter Thursdays at the Penthouse, an invitation-only jazz concert that’s taking place inside a private suite... and far away from the sun, sending invites now for this Thursday at the Stoneleigh.

To really understand this, picture one of those cocktail parties Hef used to throw at the mansion back in the ’60s. Brassy music. Dirty martinis. A silk-pajama-suggested dress code. Now, add in one penthouse overlooking Dallas and subtract one heavily chlorinated grotto. There you go.

If you’ve got a second date on the books for later this week, here’s where you’re going. First, you’ll need to get you and your plus-one on the list (tip: email here). Then, you’ll need to get into the building’s elevator. Take it to 11. Get off.

Enter into a sprawling suite with old English panels, antique mirrors and a bunch of secret passageways. Grab a drink. Go exploring. Find the four-piece jazz band. Grab a few more drinks. And wait for the lead singer to pass you the mic.

No, raising your hand won’t speed that up.

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