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Published August 06, 2014

Victorian Times
Swiss Watches Direct from... London

The British know style.

The Swiss know watches.

You know your wrist.

Yep, this little trifecta is going to work out just fine.

It’s time for The Camden Watch Company, an Anglo-Swiss collaboration dedicated to helping your wrist look a little bit more like a Victorian train station, online now.

Maybe we should elaborate.

Whenever you have a British-born, Swiss-trained designer working with a Swiss-born, London-based watchmaker, you know things are about to get very good for your time-telling ability. And great news: that’s what’s happened here.

So, yes, lots of Swiss movements and fine stitching on leather straps are to be expected. Lots of wrist-based compliments as well. Like “Nice watch” and “Hey, that watch is nice.”

The names are inspired by local bus lines, and the dials take a page or two from Victorian train gauges and the pocket watches worn by station agents back in the day. Which... sure. But now they’re strapped to your arm.

Progress, people.
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