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The weekend is a double black diamond.


Ski Season Kickoff at the Roxy

Skiing is good, but skiing for free is better. Be one of the first 200 through the door at this ski-club bash at the Roxy tonight and you could land free Mt. Snow and Sunday River lift tickets. Take advantage of the giant ice luge on hand to celebrate your success…or to numb the sting of being entrant 201.
$15, 5:30-10:30pm, Nov 12, The Roxy, 279 Tremont St, 617-338-7699


Snow Bunnies and Caviar in Newton

You could do the typical post-work drinks in the city on Friday, or you could head to Newton for a Vegas-meets-Moscow poolside party at BOKX 109. That is, if limitless Belvedere vodka poured over ice bars, plates of duck and pork belly, and lobster caviar carted around by snow-bunny waitresses is your thing. Which it is.
$25, 6:30-11pm, Nov 13, BOKX 109, 399 Grove St, RSVP at 617-454-3399


Party Like Your Grandfather Did

When Elvis still scared parents, tiki bars ruled the earth (or just plain ruled). Celebrate the glory of the 1950s on Saturday with an all-you-can-eat buffet from Toro and others, a live burlesque show, '50s tunes and, of course, a slew of tiki cocktails. Try the rum- and brandy-based Fogcutter, which is slightly misleading considering it's actually a fog-enhancer.
$38, 7-11pm, Nov 14, VVCA, 85 W. Newton St, 617-927-1707, tickets here
UD - Ravioli Throwdown in Cambridge


Ravioli Throwdown in Cambridge

Fourteen top local restaurants like Prezza, Pigalle and Harvest gather at Dante's on Sunday to fight for the title of best ravioli, with you serving as judge, jury and all-time sampler. Should you need some suds to go with the savories (we recommend this route), bottles of Schlitz can be had for just two bucks.
$20, 1-5pm, Nov 15, Dante's, 40 Ed Land Blvd, RSVP at 617-497-4200 or here
UD - Tailgating Minus the Tailgate


Tailgating Minus the Tailgate

Unless you happen to be in Indianapolis with the Pats this week, tailgating is out. So head to Tavolo's on Sunday, where, for the price of two beers at Foxboro, you can catch the game while devouring their meatball paninis, stellar pizzas and white bean chili and get two draft beers to boot. And remember: if you cheer loud enough, Brady can hear you.
$20, 8pm, Nov 15, Tavolo, 1918 Dorchester Ave, 617-822-1918
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