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Published January 08, 2013

Almost Paradise
Gorgeous Brazilian Women. In Book Form.

Paradise in Brazil
Brazilian women. You’re a fan.

Photo books. You don’t not like them, either.

Maybe the two should be paired up.

Fan your flushed cheeks for Paradise in Brazil, a 192-page tome that contains all manner of gorgeous Brazilian models, available now.

This is brought to you by a Rio-based man named Joaquim Nabuco, a law student turned photographer whose previous effort was a photo book on hot Brazilian women (always trust the experts, people). So this is your new way to warm up a particularly frigid winter afternoon. Or to get the conversational ball rolling with a blind date you’ve invited back home for a nightcap. (Note: it helps if she’s in the book.)

All in all, you’ll find 166 color and black-and-white photos of attractive Brazilians in here. On the roster: native actresses, fashion designers, journalists... even biologists (nothing hotter than a Latin American woman in a lab coat).

And since you’re wondering, there are also quotations from Brazilian artists and poets sprinkled throughout all the photos of, say, a young woman in tiny jean shorts holding a leopard on a leash.

Which always inspires a poem or two.
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