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Local Plunder
What to Pack on Your Fall Road Trip

Your car’s oil has been changed. Its second coat of wax has been applied. Your Wilson Phillips CD has been polished. All that’s still needed for your fall road trip: these five awesome things.

UD - The Cardigan for the Car


The Cardigan for the Car

There’s a moment while driving your convertible when the weather starts to get a little chilly but you’re not quite ready to put the top up. That’s when you’ll throw on this handsome shawl-collar cardigan, with thick-textured knit ribbing and a leather patch on the chest. Where all good leather patches reside.
Shawl-Collar Cardigan, $250, Fred Perry, 301 Newbury St, 857-233-4698
UD - A Bag for Your Road Vino


A Bag for Your Road Vino

Picture it: you’re at some quaint roadside restaurant in the Berkshires. Dinner ends, and you’ve still got killer wine open, requiring a sealed-air transport to preserve the flavor. That’s this. Plus it can handle fluctuations in altitude. So yes, you can take it on that first date on Franconia Notch...
VinniBag, $28-$50, Daily Grommet
UD - A Vintage-y Compass for Your Journey


A Vintage-y Compass for Your Journey

Nothing worse than being halfway to your secret granite cave in the White Mountains to celebrate the end of summer when your phone’s GPS runs out of juice. Luckily, Acquire has these vintage-y brass compasses to keep in your pocket. They’re basically the original GPS.
Brass Pocket Compass, $25, Acquire, 61 Salem St, 857-362-7380
UD - Local Cheese. Mobile Fondue. Go.


Local Cheese. Mobile Fondue. Go.

In a few days, it’ll be September. And then it’ll be October (you can bet on it). Well, sometime around then, Central Bottle will be packaging up travel cheese-fondue kits, featuring three artisanal Vermont cheeses (Raclette, Rupert, Tarentaise). Good thing you keep a fondue pot on hand at all times.
Central Bottle Vermont Fondue Kit, $20, Central Bottle, 196 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, 617-225-0040
UD - Driving Gloves Fit for <em>Drive</em>


Driving Gloves Fit for Drive

Steering. When you drive like you do, it’s a full-contact sport. (White-knuckle turns. Aggressive lane changes. Turn-signal employments.) Thus, the Army Barracks has some legit fighter-pilot black leather gloves that work just as well for your Drive moments on the highway. Or Newbury Street.
Nomex Flight Gloves, $19.99, Army Barracks, 173 Massachusetts Ave, 617-437-1657
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