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Published December 18, 2009

Bombs Away
A New Indian Go-To in the South End

Long ago, the Red Sox's playing field on Huntington Avenue was traded for their current house at Fenway, resulting in a big opening day win over the visitors from New York.

Point being: there's something to be said for relocation. And this is especially true when it comes to restaurants.

Which brings us to the new Bombay Club, Harvard Square's favorite institution of Indian food, boldly making the transition from Cambridge to the South End.

Setting up in the former Pho Republique spot, think of the new BC as a more svelte version of the old restaurant. The menu has been streamlined from nine pages to two (less is more), and it'll feature the best dishes from the previous place, plus a biweekly Club Special highlighting a specialty from one of India's many regions. (Think pan-fried potato patties with lentils, yogurt and chutney, and chicken wings cooked in scallions and red chile sauce.)

Of course, as with any Indian cuisine, beverages are key, and you're going to appreciate refreshments like the Mango-Lassi (yogurt, mango pulp and rum) and the Lychee Martini. They'll be served at the old Pho bar, which was fully preserved.

Some things need no improvement…
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