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Published September 17, 2013

Hide and Speak
A Secret Weekly Cocktail Party Cometh

Eat Me Speak Me

Sometimes they protect Swiss bank accounts.

Other times, unclassified government experiments.

And other times still... gin.

Lower your voice for Eat Me Speak Me, a weekly speakeasy cocktail party that starts with a chef handing you a piece of paper with a secret address on it and ends with you drinking barrel-aged cocktails under a cone of silence, occasionally leaking information here for the inaugural gathering on September 26.

Since this is all on a need-to-know basis, here’s what you need to know. A former Empire State South butcher/charcuterie guy has been running a weeknight dinner out of the Candler Park Market’s deli for a few months now. And he’s just decided to use that place to peddle secret speakeasy addresses.

Which... nice.

So grab a quick bite at CPM on the evening of the 26th. Ask the chef about that night’s affair. He’ll slide over a piece of paper with an address and a password on it. Go to that address. Relay that password.

Once inside, well... cocktails. Lots of them. Whatever that week’s guest bartender feels like mixing, really. Gin martinis: probably. Barrel-aged bourbon cocktails: likely.

And if we told you who those bartenders were, we’d have to make you disappear.

Yes, that means they’re good.
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