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Published April 19, 2012

Seeing Red
A Shiny New Steak Spot in Philips Arena

You’re never going to play in the NBA.

And that’s okay.

It means you’re always eligible to be randomly selected out of the crowd to attempt a half-court shot and win a Honda Accord.

Also, it frees you up to watch the Hawks games from this place.

Say hello to RED, a new seductive powerhouse of a restaurant that’s about to optimize your basketball-watching experience, opening Saturday in Philips Arena.

If a stadium luxury suite had a ménage à trois with a sexy chophouse and a neighborhood sports bar, you’d get this: an industrial-looking lounge space with copious amounts of lobster, a profusion of flat-screens and bar stool box seats.

So yes, unless you’re stationed courtside or happen to be refereeing that evening’s game (also known as “pulling a Frank Drebin”), these are the undisputed best seats in the house. Well, at least the only seats in the house where you can get a dirty martini and a bunch of Greek flatbreads from Pano Karatassos (the Buckhead Life guy). A logical cotton candy alternative.

And if you’re coming here with a date, you’ll want to seriously consider taking any cocktails and crab cake BLTs out onto the “terrace”: it’s a balcony section of tables with an unobstructed view of the court.

Plus, easy access to the foam finger guy.
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