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Your Spring Workout Plan

Spring officially starts tomorrow. So we’re about halfway between your (no doubt still-intact) New Year’s fitness resolution and you giving out beachside tickets to the gun show. You need a workout, and these are the best in town. Naturally, at least one involves deadly force.

UD - German Wheel Lessons

German Wheel Lessons

What you require: A catlike sense of space and balance.
What you’ll receive: German wheel lessons. This thing’s basically a gymnastic hamster wheel for humans, and is prominently featured in Queen of the Night. We’re sure you’ll be just as good as that guy, too.

Sundays, 7:30-9pm, $35/class, Streb, 51 N 1st St (between Wythe and Kent), Brooklyn, 718-384-6491

UD - Pure Power Boot Camp

Pure Power Boot Camp

What you require: The ability (if not the will) to invade Grenada by yourself.
What you’ll receive: A Marine-taught obstacle course class that’ll see you getting yelled at, climbing over walls, scaling cargo nets and generally becoming a damn fine soldier. It’s like a playground... in hell.

UD - Altitude Training

Altitude Training

What you require: Everest-conquering endurance powers.
What you’ll receive: A workout apparatus that simulates the oxygen conditions at whatever altitude you need. Kobe Bryant and Michael Phelps have used it. And their Everest climb was legendary.

UD - Jeet Kune Do Lessons

Jeet Kune Do Lessons

What you require: Intense cardio, extreme focus and the ability to defeat Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in a fight.
What you’ll receive: Skill in a martial art invented by Bruce Lee, from a guy trained by Bruce Lee. That’s one degree of separation. So yeah, Kareem’s a marked man.

UD - Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga

What you require: A positive outlook; a chuckle.
What you’ll receive: An environment where you meditate, do breathing exercises and just start laughing. You’ll be faking it at first. And then it becomes real. It’s great for the abs.

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