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The 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

There’s a lot you have to do to get ready for the holidays. Trees need to be dressed. Eggs need to be nog’d. Reindeer sweaters need to be taken out of storage. Oh, and at some point, gifts need to be procured. Herewith, a few seasonally appropriate presents. Don’t forget the card.

UD - Vintage Lighters at Oakleaf & Acorn

Vintage Lighters at Oakleaf & Acorn

Long ago, man discovered fire. Then, later, he discovered the Zippo. And sometime after that, Oakleaf & Acorn got into the vintage lighter game. Tell them the kind of lighter you’d like to gift (something silver/from the ’60s) and they’ll scour the earth to find it. Or, you know, a few estate sales.

UD - Locally Handmade Necklaces

Locally Handmade Necklaces

Jewelry. Apparently, that’s a gift people like to get. Our suggestion for this season: a locally made number that’s strung with gold chain and a Nepal-sourced rare stone. It’s the sort of thing a Bond girl might wear. We trust you know a few...

UD - Wallets Made from Bridle Leather

Wallets Made from Bridle Leather

Here’s the great thing about gifting a wallet: it’s small enough to fit inside a stocking. Here’s the great thing about gifting these wallets: they’re locally made from vegetable-tanned bridle leather and available in seasonally appropriate colors like red and green. Or swirl. Just kidding.

UD - A Caviar Facial

A Caviar Facial

Some people love caviar. Others... love it enough to have it rubbed all over their face. If you know one of these people, get them this: an 80-minute facial from the Ritz-Carlton spa that uses sturgeon-y fish eggs. No, they can’t eat the leftovers.

UD - A Conceptual Set of Cognac Glasses

A Conceptual Set of Cognac Glasses

The holidays call for a fair amount of social drinking. Which, as you know, calls for a fair amount of being social. So, here, the gift of a conversation starter: permanently tilted cognac glasses with brandy-scent-dispersing spokes on the bottom. Yes, the rocks glass revolution has begun.

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