Schaeffer's Garment Hotel

Rock Hard

How to Pull Off the Mick Jagger Look

UD - Schaeffer’s Garment Hotel You had that dream again.

You're on stage with your guitar, ready to rock, and you suddenly realize—you forgot your clothes.

Not to worry, there's a new shop to suit you up before your next gig—Schaeffer's Garment Hotel is now open on Sunset.

This is the place to go for a lived-in look that says you know amps. Amid dark walls and chipped floors, you'll find Japanese denim, repurposed boots, vintage rock tees, shades, leather jackets and even some '50s mechanic pants, all reworked so they actually fit the lean, energetic type who subsists on Marlboros, illicit substances and groupies. And they'll take things in a bit more—on the house—if you need it.

The owner came over from the esteemed jeans-tailor known as Denim Doctors, so you can also trust them to fix up your cigarette burns in the back. And that back room doubles as a manufacturing facility, so if you feel like creating your own denim line, you've come to the right place.

And don't worry, they didn't forget about your head—Gunner Fox, who created all the hats for Gangs of New York, Road to Perdition and basically the whole esteemed hat-movie canon—will be in residence to create you a custom number.

The Bill the Butcher mustache is on you.


Schaeffer's Garment Hotel
7517 W Sunset Blvd
(west of Gardner)
Los Angeles, CA, 90046

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