MoonBikes Is Making the World's First Electric Snow Bike

The Battery-Powered Vehicle Zips Through Snow at a Silent 26 MPH


E-bikes have had their time in the sun.

Now it's time for MoonBikes to have their time in the... shade, we guess.

Imperfect maxims aside, there's a company called MoonBikes. And while they aren't making vehicles for navigating Earth's only natural satellite, they are making winter-ready electric snow bikes. And that's something.

Born in the French Alps, the company wanted to create a product that increased winter mobility options. Sure, snowmobiles exist, but they're heavy, loud and guzzle gas. MoonBikes are about one third the weight of a typical snowmobile and can be easily transported on a hitch or in a truck bed. At only 28-inches wide, you can even move one through a doorway.

man riding a moonbike

The 191-pound bikes feature a rugged track in back and a single ski up front. They're silent, reach top speeds of 26 mph, can climb 40% slopes, and transport 264 pounds. The battery lets you ride for about an hour and a half, but you can upgrade to a dual battery configuration to double your ride time. It recharges in a few hours, so you never have to wait long between snowy jaunts.

They'll start shipping bikes next month, fulfilling 250 orders in December, and a second batch will go out in early 2022. So, with a little luck (and a small deposit), you could be shredding powder on your very own MoonBike before the season ends. All you have to decide is whether you want the white bike or the red.

The white is perfect for blending in with your surroundings, while the red is better for being rescued in an avalanche.

Tough choice.

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