EFM Engineered For Motion Is the Future

Don't Call It Athleisure

By Geoff Rynex ·

Donrad Duncan's EFM Engineered For Motion online shop is back and improved, after an inconvenient hiatus that saw you, us, and everyone we know, Googling for stockists, only to see that Saks just ran out that perfect X blazer or those impeccable Y trousers in your size. 

EFM focuses on meeting function with form, moreso than most labels. You'll see a lot of lightweight materials, well-placed hidden phone pockets and breathable stretch blazers. The label has become one of our Fashion Week favorites over the past few seasons precisely because it works those features into pieces that straddle the line between activewear and #menswear better than anyone else we've seen. You'll read a lot out there about "commuter-friendly" lines, but most are either ugly or far less practical than they claim to be. Duncan is the first designer we've seen get the balance right.

Below are some of the pieces we want right now:

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