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November’s 10 Most Delicious-Looking Dishes

Shrimp-Topped Burgers. Mango-Topped Tacos. Egg-Topped Nachos.

By Nathan Wahl ·
9515882e389586036bdc80d078f314b110 PhotosNovember’s 10 Most Delicious-Looking Dishes
We stand here on the brink of December, looking boldly ahead at uncharted territory. And though November may have been turbulent in many ways, there’s one thing we can look back upon with joy...

Food. Mouth-pleasing, eye-pleasing food.

So let’s stroll down memory lane and relive November’s 10 Most Delicious-Looking Dishes. The chorizo burgers topped with shrimp. The skillets full of mussels and seared scallops. The macs. The cheeses.

Fine, it’s only the one mac and cheese.

Nathan Wahl watched a lot of Roseanne growing up and wonders how much bearing that has on who he is as a person now.

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