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Celebrity Food Tattoos: The Crucial Exposé You Never Asked For

Musings on Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus and Other Celebrities’ Permanent Odes to Food

By Ilana Dadras ·
It came to our attention this week that Miley Cyrus has recently gotten a tattoo of Vegemite on her arm. Because, apparently, it was a vital component of her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth’s favorite childhood snack. A fact you didn’t think you’d learn today. (Sorry.)

Anyway, it got us thinking about other celebrities who are adorned with food tattoos. Which is all to say... here’s an entirely unnecessary rundown of famous people with ice cream, ketchup and other such things permanently inked on their bodies.

It’s very unlikely to make you hungry.

The celebrity: Miley Cyrus.
The food: A tiny jar of Australia’s favorite brewer’s yeast extract paste.
The entirely made-up rationale: “I love Liam, and Liam loves Vegemite, and here’s a little piece of unoccupied real estate near my left tricep.”

The celebrity: Miley. Again. Yeah, we know.
The food: This avocado.
The entirely made-up rationale: “I can’t stop, and I won’t stop.”

The celebrity: Gucci Mane.
The food: An actual goddamn ice cream cone on his right cheek.
The entirely made-up rationale: “Once, the ice cream man handed me a perfectly good cone. Sprinkles and everything. It slipped through my fingers and landed, facedown, on the sidewalk. I couldn’t eat it after that. I’ll never forget that moment. But I will immortalize it on my face.”

The celebrity: Marc Jacobs.
The food: One of those M&M’s with white mittens and pants, and a sprinkled donut on his elbow.
The entirely made-up rationale: “The M&M’s bold choice in mittens is what inspired me to get into fashion as a child. Whereas donuts are just delicious.”

The celebrity: Cara Delevingne.
The food: The word “bacon,” followed by a curious ellipsis.
The entirely made-up rationale: “Not enough women express their love of breakfast foods on the bottom of their feet.”

The celebrity: Jackson Rathbone. (You know, that guy from Twilight. No, the other one.)
The food: A calf-size bottle of ketchup.
The entirely made-up rationale: “I’m just one of those people who put ketchup on everything, you know? Fries. Eggs. Meat loaf. Salmon. My calf.”

The celebrity: Katy Perry.
The food: A strawberry here. A peppermint there.
The entirely made-up rationale: “A peppermint to remind myself to stay cool under pressure. A strawberry because their stems look like little green hats.”
Ilana Dadras

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