Things to do for May 28, 2015

The Weekender

Some Laughs. Some Brunch. Some Midnight Bacon.

If it were easy, everyone would weekend.

When the Clock Strikes 12: Bacon

When the Clock Strikes 12: Bacon

11:59pm, Paddy Long’s. You’re grabbing a beer, when someone appears... You: Woah! You’re me. Future You: Yes, I’m you at 12:01am. You: What’s with the bacon crumbs? Future You: You get a free slice of bacon with every beer you purchase after midnight. You: [Counting to 60.]

Martinis You Can Bring to the Beach

Martinis You Can Bring to the Beach

A (clearly brilliant) Chicago-based duo just launched a line of bottled martinis, comprised of a few classics and two award-winning infusion-based concoctions. Let’s weigh the pros and cons. Pros: you can now bring martinis to the beach or your next picnic. Cons: you’re running out of excuses to not have that picnic.

It’s Like Brunch. But at Night.

It’s Like Brunch. But at Night.

And now, a brief philosophical interrogation of Southport & Irving’s late-night brunch. Question: if brunch happens from 10pm to 1am, is it still brunch? Answer: if we assume that it includes cheddar biscuits with rabbit confit gravy and chimichurri hanger steak, then yes, it’s still brunch. Hey, facts are facts.

The Writers from The Simpsons and You

The Writers from <em>The Simpsons</em> and You

This weekend is The Onion and The A.V. Club’s annual comedy festival. It’s fun. And funny. And you should go and attend the intimate panel featuring a handful of writers from The Simpsons. You’ll know you’re in the right place if there’s a bunch of people who wrote The Simpsons also there.

The Riverwalk’s First Tiki Shack

The Riverwalk’s First Tiki Shack

You’ve probably heard that the city has a $100 million plan to revitalize the Riverwalk... Related: a pop-up tiki bar known as the Island Party Hut just opened at the Riverwalk with a spacious patio, tropical rum-based cocktails and all sorts of warm-weather snacks. Strong start, revitalization plan. Very strong.

Now open, Island Party Hut, 355 E Riverwalk S (between LSD and Columbus), 312-600-0488

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