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Spiked Coffee Drinks in an Alleyway Café-Bar

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“Am I in the right place?”

“Large Americano, splash of bourbon.”

“Hit me with a cheese Danish.”

Just a few things you might overhear at Iron Horse Coffee Bar, a covert nook of pastry and spiked caffeine hidden inside the Romper Room on Maiden Lane, now open on weekdays. Here’s the slideshow.

We won’t ask questions. But if you need a midday pick-me-up that involves more than just caffeine... look for that neon Romper Room sign on an olive-colored facade: this place is in there. Yep, in the bar.

Poke your head in and you’ll get a whiff of fresh espresso and various pastries, and you’ll know you’ve made it.

There’s also a sign that says Iron Horse, to triple confirm.

Make for the small bar up front: the one with an espresso machine, a case of sweets and a man named Shawn behind it. That’s where he’ll ply you with things like the Horseshoe (espresso, Baileys, half-and-half, whiskey) and the Cowboy (bourbon and coffee).

“Now this is a morning buzz” is a thing you could then say, with gusto, as you head to one of the metal stools at the counter.

Or you could just drink your drink and leave.

Yes, then you could just do that.


Iron Horse Coffee Bar
inside the Romper Room
25 Maiden Ln
(near Kearny)
San Francisco, CA, 94108


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