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Beer, Chicken and a Full-On Hot Sauce Bar

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Some things just... end.

Like Mad Men.

Other things go on forever.

Like your quest for good chicken joints.

Our story picks up here, at Nando’s Peri-Peri, opening Wednesday in the West Loop. (Your slideshow and your menu.)

It’s all so interesting. The contemporary South African art. The tapestries. The hand-laid mosaic tiles. That little back garden where you can probably hole up with some sangria without anyone from work spotting you. So interesting.

Anyway, here’s the breakdown:

Mainly, this is about chicken.
You’ll order at the counter. But first, take a minute to get your head around the chicken. It’s Portuguese with African spices, grilled to order, and it comes in whole, half, quarter and 24-wing sharing platters. There’s also a ribeye steak sandwich if you’d like to get your head around that instead.

It’s also about the peri-peri sauce.
A visit to the spice bar: mandatory. Lemon and herb, mango and lime, medium, hot, extra hot. Do a gut check. Take a bottle of the spiciest to your table. Say a little prayer.

Now’s a good time to remind you to drink some beer.
They have a couple Portuguese varieties. Plenty of local ones, too.

Not today, tongue fires. Not today.

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