Jersey Boys

A Jersey-Minded Pizza Joint from the Town Hall Guys

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Some people kind of mentally check out on Fridays—you, you like to ask the difficult questions.

Like, are Snooki references now circling back around to being sort of nostalgically retro?

And why has nobody started putting foie gras on pizza?

Things are about to get deep at Jersey, which is what happens when the Rosenthal brothers decide to open a Garden State–inspired pizza joint because they grew up there—it opens Monday in SoMa.

In short, this is your new go-to lunch spot when you’re meeting up with nearby startup friends or colleagues. Or friendly colleagues. If you’re a small group, convene at the long counter—just feels right—but there are tables, too, if there are a few of you and elbow room is needed.

Oh, right: brick wall, check. Exposed beams, sure. Concrete floors, got it. (See the slideshow.)

The space in front of you may soon contain a lightly steaming margherita pizza, or a Little Italy, with soppressata picante, mozzarella and provolone. (Here’s the menu.) The one topped with foie gras and truffles is coming soon.

But there’s also plenty of non-pizza, actually. Pastas, cured meats, grilled calamari with squid-ink vinaigrette, wine and good California beer.

The Jersey beer scene is still up-and-coming.

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