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All-Day Breakfast, Gimlets and Tetris Floors

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Working under the assumption that your morning intake of short rib omelets and gimlets could be higher...

We hereby bequeath unto you: Diner, chef Ron Eyester’s long-awaited new bastion of breakfast, breakfast cocktails and short-order cookery, slated to open next week at Atlantic Station.

Beyond its solid copper doors awaits a mystical, omelet-filled land of nostalgia. Enter, grab a newspaper off the gigantic island of newspapers and secure yourself a place to sit.

In the main dining room: a very long, very curvy bar and enough tufted leather and barn wood to... build a barn and fill it with tufted leather.

Make for one of the booths under the large photos of some actual diners Eyester frequented while growing up. Follow the Tetris-piece floor tiles (here they are in the slideshow) and you’ll have a great view of the open kitchen. Keep going. You’re doing great so far.

Suddenly, you’re having Bloody Barts (they’re like Bloody Marys, only with sriracha and a different name) and lobster cake benedicts (they’re like lobster cake benedicts).

And once the weather warms up, you’ll be enjoying your breakfasts outside on the patio. At night. With a view of the skyline.

Unless you’re facing the other way.

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