There Will Be Blood

Inside GWAR’s New Richmond Bar

So get this.

That weird thrash metal band GWAR? The one that sprays fake blood and claims to be extraterrestrial warlords?

Well, they’re actually from Richmond. Where they just opened a bar.

It’s called, naturally, GWARbar, and it’s now open nightly...

So next time you’re in Richmond, here’s where to get your fill of unicorns, rainbows and Smurfs.

Okay, not really. More like metal cages, lights that look like eyeballs and—yep—fake blood splatter on the floors. And while you process all that (while listening to metal on their stereo), here’s what you’ll be eating:

Bar food, pretty much. Interesting, but not crazy. Think fried pork rinds with hot sauce, pulled-pork nachos, cauliflower drenched in buffalo sauce, and housemade pork/veal/lamb/bacon sausage. (See the menu.)

And the drinks: well, they don’t take themselves too seriously, either—gin martinis with beet brine and tiki drinks like the Zombie. Or just get a pint of the locally brewed GWARblood beer.

Twisted Sister could never pull this off.

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