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Neal Fraser’s Cathedral Courtyard Stunner

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Neal Fraser’s Holiday Wish List:

1. Open Redbird.
2. Feed you rabbitchetta.
3. Serve draft cocktails under an open sky.
4. No, really. To open Redbird.

Holiday miracles do come true.

Here’s Redbird, a gloriously attractive new restaurant from Neal and Amy Knoll Fraser (Grace, BLD) in Saint Vibiana’s rectory—it’s now taking reservations for its soft-opening tomorrow.

And once you get behind its arresting iron gates, here’s how you’ll use it:

Drinks: Sit at the round marble bar. The half inside the modern-furniture-filled lounge. Order one of Julian Cox’s carbonated cocktails on tap or one of the long-lost drinks like the KCB, with gin, apricot and cumin-spiced kümmel. Just... bask. It’s here. It’s finally here. (See the slideshow.)

Dinner dates in the courtyard: It’s under a retractable roof with views of the soaring cathedral tower—and there’s the other half of that magnificent bar. Reasons to keep looking down, though, include Thai Dungeness crab soup, potato-crusted pork shank and that rabbitchetta. It’s basically rabbit porchetta.

Private dinners in the Nest: That’s upstairs, and it looks like a swanky apartment. Marble kitchen countertop, butcher-block table and... miniature cameras in the ceiling, in case you want to record whatever goes down.

For friends who can’t act naturally without those around.


1114 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA, 90012


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