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This Freewheeling Maiden Lane Bar Is Romper Room

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Listen, this bar has two rules:

1) All songs you hear will have lyrics.
2) All drinks you order will be made in 90 seconds or less.

We trust you can abide.

Here comes a bit of wildness to be known as Romper Room, a carefree joint with a bonus upstairs explosion of leopard print—it’s opening tomorrow on Maiden Lane. (And here’s the slideshow.)

This is your bar for that post-dinner, pre-dancing sweet spot, on a night when everybody’s limbs are feeling loose, somebody just made their best joke of the year and you all sense things are going to get a little out of hand.

Past the long corridor at the entrance, the room opens up into a giddy swirl of pink walls, blurry French wallpaper and seats that flip up out of the way. Once they lock down the menu, you can expect to see a half dozen easily made drink options on a digital screen behind the counter.

And as those seats gradually flip up to accommodate the packed-in crowd, someone will point up to the balcony and wave to a person they know. Possibly a nice-looking girl who’s part of a bachelorette party—the banquettes up there are leopard print. The carpets are leopard print. The walls are leopard print.

So... bachelorette party or cougar convention.


Romper Room
25 Maiden Ln
(at Kearny)
San Francisco, CA, 94108


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