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The Art of the Thanksgiving Day Nap

Thanksgiving. It’s that holiday about family. And food. And football. And taking the single most glorious nap of the entire year. Ah, the Thanksgiving Day nap. Here’s everything you need to make yours extra-comfortable. (Club chair not included.)

UD - Nobody Will Know These Are Pajamas

Nobody Will Know These Are Pajamas

You Require: A handsome shirt you could wear to dinner... and then to sleep.
You’ll Receive: This striped Italian-cotton button-down from dapper napping experts Sleepy Jones. It works under a blazer. Or a blanket.

UD - Cashmere. For Your Feet.

Cashmere. For Your Feet.

You Require: Something to keep your feet at optimal snugness while propped up on an ottoman.
You’ll Receive: A pair of gray-and-blue cashmere slippers that you’ll wear while watching post-turkey football. On the back of your eyelids.

UD - And Here’s the Blanket...

And Here’s the Blanket...

You Require: A blanket. Or you’re doing it wrong.
You’ll Receive: A blanket... made of criminally soft merino lambswool that was milled by an Irish family of blanketsmiths. These guys take sleeping seriously.

UD - Hiring Enya to Sing You to Sleep

Hiring Enya to Sing You to Sleep

You Require: Some background music to score your dreams of flying gravy boats and anthropomorphic turkey legs.
You’ll Receive: The tranquil New Age stylings of Enya. Yes, that Enya. She’s available for private concerts. Or lullabies. No, you can’t pay her in leftovers.

UD - The Least Offensive Alarm Clock

The Least Offensive Alarm Clock

You Require: To wake up. Well, the world requires that of you, anyway.
You’ll Receive: This app, which gently rouses you with soothing ambient sounds. Like wolves howling. Or birds chirping. Or ships sailing. Or things that aren’t your aunt loudly talking.

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