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Vintage Champagne and Oxtail on Sacramento

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“Aww, you’re so sweet.”

“I didn’t know this much champagne existed.”

“We should probably get our chocolate mousse to go.”

Thus concludes the you’re-totally-about-to-hear-someone-say-all-of-those-things portion of this email.

And thus begins the welcome-to-Nico one. It’s a snug Parisian bistro where they open a new magnum of vintage champagne every night and then cook French things for you and your date, and it’s soft-opening this week in Laurel Heights.

Step 1: grab that date. You’ll need one of those here. Step 2: walk inside and consider the merits of each option before you. The pewter bar. The mohair banquettes. The tin ceiling and the little wine cubbies everywhere.

One of those places may be better suited for crispy sweetbreads and stems of Bordeaux (we’ll call that place “the bar”). One of those places may be better suited for oxtail with Bordeaux spinach and oeufs en cocotte with smoked chanterelles (we’ll call that place “a banquette”).

But champagne. The whole place is suited for champagne. It’ll all start making sense once the wine director (a Saison vet, no less) starts popping a different rare and old magnum of the stuff every night.

Actually, it probably already makes sense, but... dramatic effect and all.


3228 Sacramento St
(at Presidio)
San Francisco, CA, 94115


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