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Summer of 76

Gin and Oreos in an Old Captain’s House

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We’re there.

That point in the summer when it hits you that winter is very real.

And that it’s not as far away as you think.

And that it’s probably best if you get to Nantucket and drink gin at the kind of place where you’d expect to see Less Than Zero James Spader hanging out with Salman Rushdie before a film festival on the Grey Lady.

Or something...

Press your Nantucket reds for 76 Main, a new boutique hotel in a historic 19th-century captain’s house that would like nothing more than to make you feel all great about life, taking reservations now.

Pack a bag. Pack a couple. Focus on airy linen things. Whatever it is you prefer to lounge around in while visiting an old New England maritime shelter meets modern-day never-never land on ACK.

Because that’s this. It’s got a communal courtyard. A fire pit. A BYOB mixer bar. A bunch of housemade Oreos just sitting there waiting for you to eat them.

And upon the successful completion of nothing whatsoever, you’ll retire to your guesthouse. Book the one with preppy belts lining the windows and a headboard made out of Vineyard Vines fabric.

No Kennedys were harmed in the making of this hotel.

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