Things to do for July 25, 2013

The Weekender

Giant Hot Dogs, Ice Cream Donuts and Supermodels

The weekend would like to introduce you to its little friend.

UD - Johnny Casserole Now Has a Café

Johnny Casserole Now Has a Café

Johnny Casserole revolutionized the world of casserole delivery. Mainly by starting a casserole delivery service. Now that they have a café, you can stop in for espresso and egg strata in the morning, or take a tuna-noodle casserole home for dinner. It’s just like Mom used to pick up.

UD - Donuts. Filled with Ice Cream.

Donuts. Filled with Ice Cream.

Let’s hear it for the experimenters. Ben Franklin. Marie Curie. Thomas Edison. Whoever it was at Firecakes who decided to take some vanilla bean ice cream and stuff it inside a glazed donut. They make life better. Much, much better.

Wed-Sun, $4, Firecakes, 68 W Hubbard St, 312-329-6500

UD - You and a Bunch of Supermodels

You and a Bunch of Supermodels

If you’re looking for somewhere to grab an after-work drink on Friday, consider the Sofitel. They’re featuring the work of fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon, so you’ll see photos of everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Cindy Crawford. We know how you like to be surrounded by beautiful women.

UD - A Bar Crawl with Santa Hats

A Bar Crawl with Santa Hats

Christmas in July is the theme for this bar crawl. You’ll start at Fatpour, then hop on a bus headed to Derby, the Diag and Irish Oak. There will be Christmas punch, ugly T-shirt contests and Santa hats. Then you’ll get your elf to drive you home.

Jul 27, 2pm registration, 3-7pm, $20, Fatpour, 2005 W Division St, 773-698-8940, tickets here

UD - Five Hot Dogs. Plus a Giant Hot Dog.

Five Hot Dogs. Plus a Giant Hot Dog.

Bull & Bear is really making the most of this past Tuesday’s National Hot Dog Day. This weekend, they’re offering you a five-hot-dog platter with creations like The Pilsen (al pastor sausage, grilled pineapple and cactus relish). They’ve also got a 22-inch hot dog. Sure, get both. It’s the weekend.

Platter available Jul 27-28, 22-inch hot dog available through Jul 28, Bull & Bear, 431 N Wells St, 312-527-5973

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