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A Low-Key, Beer-Stocked Hollywood Rooftop

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They say it’s not really summer until you’re sitting around with some beer and pot stickers on a Hollywood rooftop.

Breaking: it’s really summer now.

Keep the state of summer strong to very strong with Roofdeck at the Moment, your discreet new beer-bash spot over a Sunset Boulevard hotel, taking reservations now for its Monday debut.

Come here when you’re not in the mood for some red-rope hot spot. It’s a pretty low-key place, 40 rooms or so, with lots of funky, orange-hued unpretentiousness. (Think, oh, the future’s idea of a 2013-retro spot.)

And you could get a room, since the roof is allegedly a guests-only situation. But really, just book a private party up there and you’re good—assuming you’re into sitting around on white chaise lounges under palm trees for hours while you and your guests work your way through their beer and wine list. (Yeah, it’s only beer and wine for now.)

Oh, and should you run out of Allagash (or any of the other beer, for that matter), not a problem. You can actually text someone at the hotel to bring you up more.

Or just to say hello.


Roofdeck at the Moment
7370 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90046


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