Things to do for July 05, 2013

The Weekender

New England’s Biggest Lobster Roll and Other Weekend-Appropriate Glory

The weekend’s spirit animal is Betsy Ross.

Boxed Lunch Beach Delivery in Southie

Boxed Lunch Beach Delivery in Southie

Congratulations are in order. Because Local 149 is about to deliver a box to you while you lay around on M Beach. And that box will have fried chicken and slaw and chips in it. Yeah, they’ll deliver it right to your plot of sand. So again, congratulations.

Thu-Fri, noon-4pm, $10-$14, Local 149, 149 P St, 617-269-0900

A Dangerous New Lobster Roll Is Born

A Dangerous New Lobster Roll Is Born

You’ve had a lobster roll. A lot, actually. But you haven’t had New England’s largest one yet. Because it just came into existence. It’s the USS Lobstitution at Pauli’s in the North End, and it’s a one-and-a-half-pound behemoth of knuckle and claw meat on a sub roll. America.

Available now, $49.99, Pauli’s, 65 Salem St, 857-284-7064

Ping-Pong. Vodka-Watermelon. Sundays.

Ping-Pong. Vodka-Watermelon. Sundays.

Sundays are wonderful. They’re just absolutely wonderful. Which... anyway, go ahead and add Alibi to your leisure-seeking tackle box on those days. Also add skewers of adult fruit (rum-pineapple, vodka-watermelon), a ping-pong table and spiked snow cones on the patio. Because it’ll all be there now. See. Sundays.

Sundays, 4-7pm, Alibi, 215 Charles St, 857-241-1144

Suckling Pig. Rum. You Want It. Get It.

Suckling Pig. Rum. You Want It. Get It.

You could go right home after work on Tuesday. But you won’t. You want to live. And sometimes, living means rum cocktails and a tiki-themed, four-course porcine roast with suckling pig and Chinese stuffed eggplant. Well, the Sinclair has all of that for you. Which is nice of them.

Jul 9, 7-11pm, $45, The Sinclair, 52 Church St, Cambridge, reserve at 617-547-5200

You Need Clothes. Louis Has Clothes.

You Need Clothes. Louis Has Clothes.

Being stylishly not-naked: right in your wheelhouse. But sometimes, wheels need greasing. Sometimes they need greasing with a 30% off sale at Louis Boston. With button-downs from Finamore. And suits from Belvest. And... hey, chin up. You still maybe probably look just fine naked.

Starts Jul 10, 7-11pm, Louis Boston, 60 Northern Ave, 617-262-6100

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