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Cole Valley’s Got a Shiny New Taqueria

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Once upon a time, there was you.

And you loved tequila and tacos.

So... here.

Have this place called Padrecito, a new taqueria and Mexican cocktail den standing at the ready to dispense exorbitant amounts of arctic char tacos and smoky mezcal margaritas upon your life, opening today in Cole Valley.

This is from the same guys behind Tipsy Pig and Umami. Oh, and Mamacita. In fact, it’s basically the bigger, stronger, tequila-er version of the original Mamacita in the Marina.

So expect terra-cotta tile floors and big wooden tables wrapped in iron. Expect pressed-tin light fixtures and decorative Mexican tiles. And then expect to swan dive into those things with a big, stupid smile on your face.

Drop in after work. Sit at the bar and wait for everyone else to show up. Get some mahi-mahi ceviche and goat-barbacoa tacos on deck. People love those. And then, when you’re adequately primed, head upstairs and point to the nearest table.

That’s when cocktails like the El Misterioso are going to start showing up. It’s got mezcal, allspice and cassis in it. And it’s beautiful. Swing your glasses around. Sing jolly Mexican songs. Act like you’re in a taqueria, for God’s sake.

Or anyone’s sake, for that matter.


901 Cole St
(at Carl)
San Francisco, CA, 94117


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