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A Warm Umbrian Estate on Hubbard

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You’re in River North. It’s late. You meet someone. You exchange numbers. You’re curious to see where this is leading. The next words out of your mouth should be:

A) We should do drinks sometime.
B) We should do lunch sometime.
C) We should do cured ham sometime.

If you answered A, B or C, congratulations. You’re a perfect candidate for Bar Umbriago, soft-opening this Monday.

A new venture from the Rosebud empire, this feels like an Umbrian estate with floors made from old Italian church tiles. It replaces the short-lived Eatt (shrimp BLT, we hardly knew you) and is led by a chef listing Spiaggia and Osteria di Tramonto on his Italian-cuisine bona fides.

It’s the type of place where you’ll spot friends on the patio after work. They’ll wave you in for a Cherry Pop, which is basically a gin-spiked Shirley Temple. From there, things can easily evolve into a night of goat-cheese gnocchi, crostini with whipped pork fatback and black truffles, and cap steak with bone marrow raviolini. Blame the ginny Shirley Temple.

Then again, when it’s 2am on a Saturday and you just want a place to finish that amazing conversation you were having with some smart, fresh-faced somebody you met earlier, stop in for a bold Tuscan red.

Nightcaps are definitely sexier with an Italian.


Bar Umbriago
6 W Hubbard St
(at State)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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