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One word: lunch.

Two more words: French dip.

Okay, 177 more words:

Welcome Prime Dip, the second outpost of a veritable stronghold of massive, meaty sandwiches built for dipping, opening tomorrow on Fillmore.

The new spot’s essentially a classier, more upscale, very woodsy version of the barebones takeout joint in the Tenderloin.

A good rule of thumb: if you liked it there, you’ll like it here. The paper-thin slices of prime rib. The heaping pastrami, lamb and turkey. The toasty French rolls accompanied by hot, meaty dipping sauce. You could write sonnets for that sauce.

You’ll order the signature Roasted Prime Rib Dip. Or the Lobster Dip with hot dill butter jus. Or split the difference and go with the Surf and Turf Dip—that’s one half prime rib and one half lobster. (Sometimes indecision pays off.)

The only thing different: here, you’ll actually be able to sit. Park it on a wooden table with a pint of beer—note: the wine/beer license is coming through in a few weeks—and tune one of the two giant TVs to the Giants game.

Or Dancing with the Stars or something.


Prime Dip
1515 Fillmore St
(near Geary)
San Francisco, CA, 94115


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