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The Biggest Cheeseburger on Clark Street

None 6 Photos Fatty’s Burgers & More
None 6 Photos Fatty’s Burgers & More
Great Moments in Fast Food 2012 (so far):

March 20: The Wiener’s Circle debuts as a reality show on the truTV network. Somewhere, Norman Lear weeps.

May 25: Competitive Eater Takeru Kobayashi eats five Al’s Italian Beef sandwiches in one minute, 35 seconds.

May 30: You come face-to-face with it. Your white whale. A massive one-pound cheeseburger you’ve only seen in fever dreams... and on occasional jaunts through Texas.

Where you’ll find it: Fatty’s Burgers & More, now open in Lincoln Park and ready to fulfill your burger destiny.

This is the first Chicago location of the San Antonio–based chain. It’s a slip of a joint, barely big enough for you to squeeze in and sidle up to the counter for one of their 13 burgers—a dozen of which are half-pounders, like the MVP Burger (sliced avocado, bacon, cheddar), The Free Agent (topped with a fried egg and wasabi mayo) and the Batter-Up Bacon Burger.

To be clear: this isn’t a date spot. And it’s not open late, so it’s not going to be a Wiener’s Circle replacement when you need post-bar cheese fries. You’ll most likely come here for one reason only: The Lineman Burger—a full pound of grass-fed beef oozing with cheese and served on a soft pillow of a slightly sweet bun.

Feel free to nap on it afterward.


Fatty’s Burgers & More
2665 N Clark St
(at Drummond)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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