Sleazy as 1-2-3

A New Way to Be Stalked

We don't want to alarm you or anything.

But you might want to watch your back.

Starting today, it just got easier for you to be tailed.

The culprit: 123people.com, an Austrian-based search engine that officially launches in the US this week after months in beta.

Like Google if it focused solely on stalking people, 123 is going to be making it much more convenient for your exes, currents and potentials to find out everything you've ever gone public with. The site is just as simple to use as Google, but all the relevant info is displayed in easier-to-read categories. So, say an old flame types in your name. In seconds, the search engine aggregates everything from email addresses and phone numbers to ancient blog posts, regrettable YouTube videos, profiles from Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendster (remember that?) and MySpace. (Might be time to clean house.)

Of course, the upside is, thanks to those enterprising Austrians, it's now easier than ever to reconnect with people you've actually been wanting to hear from—even if you didn't know you had until a flirty email from them popped into your inbox.

Because every once in a while, an old flame just needs a new spark.

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