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Eating Your Way Around Nationals Park

You’ve been known to score a good seat or two at Nationals Park (a well-placed PAC donation tends to do that). But we’d like to remind you, there’s another way: a standing-room ticket that gives you license to roam about the place, sampling all of its culinary delights. Like so...

UD - Cincinnati Chili on a Pile of Spaghetti

Cincinnati Chili on a Pile of Spaghetti

You’re happy to give the visiting team first crack at Taste of the Majors, where they roll out food from the visiting team’s ballpark. Which this weekend means Cincinnati chili with cheese and onions over spaghetti. It beats wearing their hat.

Cincinnati 5-Way Chili, $10, available at Taste of the Majors, behind Sections 117 and 313

UD - Eight Pounds of Hamburger

Eight Pounds of Hamburger

You didn’t bring the entire delegation from the Swiss parliament here for nothing. You’ve all got a burger to eat. Specifically, the eight-pound, limited-supply StrasBurger at the Red Porch restaurant in center field, where they’ve also got beers like Dogfish Head and Hennepin. You’ll need a lot of them.

StrasBurger, $59, available at the Red Porch, at Center Field Gate

UD - Barbacoa Tacos at El Verano

Barbacoa Tacos at El Verano

By the bottom of the fifth, we know what you’ll be thinking: another form of beef is in order. Fortunately, someone now has the lock on ballpark barbacoa tacos, slow-cooked with two kinds of peppers. It’s truly an international game.

Barbacoa Tacos, $7.75, available at El Verano Taqueria, behind Section 241, see the menu

UD - Fried Pies at Box Frites

Fried Pies at Box Frites

Yes, that’s someone playing “God Bless America” on the banjo. Feel free to listen while you seek out some dessert in the form of individual hand pies—apple crumb or mixed berry and apple—that get deep-fried to order. Welcome to the majors.

Fried Pie, $4.50, available at Box Frites, behind Section 238, see the menu

UD - Beer Deals at Station 4

Beer Deals at Station 4

You’re going to need somewhere to tally this all up (the runs, not the calories). You’ll want to take up a post in Station 4’s lounge, where your ticket stub gets you $3 beers all night. They also have pork belly and duck confit manicotti. Just sayin’.

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