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A Temple of Charcuterie in Petworth

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We’d like to interrupt your afternoon with this important public service announcement:

Summer is coming. Be sure to remember to:

1) Set your clocks ahead this weekend.
2) Wax everything that needs to be waxed (yes, your surfboard).
3) Start stocking up on all kinds of artisan meats.

You’re on your own for the first two, but for the third, you’ll want to head to Straw, Stick & Brick Delicatessen, a new emporium of salami, ribs and dry-aged steaks, opening Tuesday in Petworth.

They’re unlikely to sell you anything that’s not smoked, cured or aged in-house. Of course, you could just walk in, step over the giant pig etched into the floor and order up sandwiches like pork rillette or Polish ham with housemade pickles and mustard.

But you’ll likely find it hard to look away from the array of take-home meats in the front case. It’ll change from day to day, but you might find cherrywood-smoked bacon, ribs smoked over wood from bourbon barrels, steaks dry-aged in-house or jerked goat.

Starting next month, you’ll return at night for classes on fresh sausage making and “BBQ Basics.” And if you find yourself suddenly in need of 40 pounds of duck smoked over nectarine wood, they’re happy to take any manner of special orders.

You never know when the Congressional Meat Caucus is going to show up unannounced.


Straw, Stick & Brick Delicatessen
5111 Georgia Ave NW
(at Gallatin)
Washington, DC, 20011


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