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We know. This weather. Glorious.

You’re having trouble concentrating. So do this: go out. Relax. Show that intern how to fly a kite. Enjoy it while it lasts.

And when you’re ready to get really f***ing serious about giant cheesesteak sandwiches dripping with provolone and cheddar, this will be waiting for you:

Introducing Monti’s, a remarkable little den of cocktails and authentic Philly cheesesteaks, slated to open Monday in Lincoln Square.

Cheesesteak cultists will have no better ally than former Philadelphia natives James Gottwald—who truffled your fries and foie-gras’d your burger as exec chef at Rockit Bar & Grill—and his wife (she’s Monti). They’ll put some lobster or Scotch bonnet peppers on your Philly if you insist, or when you just want the real deal, they’re your team.

Rest assured, Amoroso’s rolls are being flown in directly from PA. The beef is Angus rib eye. And the Cheez Whiz—well, they’re using aged Wisconsin cheddar sauce instead. Rocky Balboa himself wouldn’t mind. Rounding out the menu: hoagies, grinders and big, floppy slices of pizza.

But when those giant hoagies are devoured, what you’re left with is a slick corner bar and black-leather booths, where you’ll down bottles of Rolling Rock or their answer to a tequila sunrise called It’s Always Sunny.

BYO DeVito.


4757 N Talman Ave
(at Lawrence)
Chicago, IL, 60625


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