The Weekender

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The weekend is chilling the champagne.



UD - Just a Huge Beer Party

Just a Huge Beer Party

Come thirsty for beer, and the Monk’s Kettle will reward you by offering up its taps. There’ll be passed apps and small plates—bone-marrow popcorn with hops butter, house-aged strip loin... the good stuff. At midnight, you’ll toast with Malheur Brut. Yes, that’s a beer.

UD - The Silver Ball at Harlot

The Silver Ball at Harlot

This alleyway club will harness just about every danceable musical genre you can think of, plus live drums (for some reason). You could opt for tickets or bottle service, or ring in 2013 with a table package named “We’ve Gone Public” or “F**k Me, I’m Famous.” We’ll leave the details to your imagination.


Dec 31, 9pm-1am, $55 and up, Harlot, 46 Minna St (at Shaw Alley), 415-244-4222, tickets here

UD - NYE on the Jeremiah O’Brien

NYE on the Jeremiah O’Brien

The Jeremiah O’Brien is the last historically unaltered Liberty ship, launched during WWII. There’ll be tented and heated dance floors on deck and an open ballroom below deck. There’s also a five-hour open bar. We hear open bars ward off scurvy.

UD - All-You-Can-Drink at Delarosa

All-You-Can-Drink at Delarosa

This Marina spot’s making it easy for you. Show up and you’ll be showered with drinks from the open bar. You’ll also be showered with pizzas, skewers and DJ-spun beats. Actual showers: not included.


Dec 31, 9:30pm-1:30am, $125, Delarosa, 2175 Chestnut St (at Pierce), 415-673-7100


UD - Come for NYE, Stay for New Year’s Day

Come for NYE, Stay for New Year’s Day

Finally, the romantic play: a room at Cavallo Point, sister to Post Ranch Inn. Your meal: lobster risotto and Wagyu steak. Your drink: a champagne toast at midnight. Your next meal: a champagne brunch buffet. What happens between that drink and that meal: your business.

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