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Published August 15, 2014

Pros and Convert
Things You Could Wear Every Day. Also, Whiskey.

You go in.

You nod to the man behind the counter. You get your whiskey. It’s good. Been quite a week. You earned this.

There. Now you’re ready to shop for some pants.

Raise a glass to Convert Man, the whiskey-forward, much more accessible new Hayes Valley outpost of the Berkeley shop that’s cool but kind of far away to stop in for some clothes—it’s open as of today. (See the slideshow here.)

The following is a comprehensive list of life situations that will benefit from a trip to this store to increase your neck-to-ankle handsomeness first: day drinking at Biergarten, working at a startup, working at a non-startup, happy houring at Dirty Habit, riding your bike down Valencia, standing in line for coffee at Sightglass, going on a movie date at the Kabuki... um, staring at your closet after your shower...

Okay, let’s not get totally comprehensive after all. Still. This shop sells great non-special-occasion clothes that you’ll just want to wear the hell out of, generally.

Tellason denim. Field Scout blazers. A Schott Perfecto motorcycle jacket. An exclusive Filson tote. And some D’Blanc sunglasses—they’re like Wayfarers, but Italian.

So they spend way more time in cafés.
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