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Published February 22, 2013

Winging It
A Well-Heeled Private Club in FiDi

Today, let’s get right to it.

There’s a newish menswear shop, Wingtip. Handsome suits, that kind of thing. Well, now they have a members-only club. It’s called Wingtip Club—creative, we know—and... well, it’s kind of fantastic.

To help you understand that fantasticness, we’ve imagined how you might spend a Saturday there...

Noon: You stride into the old Bank of Italy building. You enter the elevator. You press 10.

12:02pm: You enter the club, right after it opens. Soak in that natural sunlight from the big, bright windows—you’ll be here awhile.

12:04-1:08pm: Stretch out. Enjoy. Shoot some pool on the Brunswick Trevino billiards table. Take a few swings on their TruGolf golf simulator. Work up a thirst, because...

1:09-2:14pm: ... you’re heading up to the 11th floor. That’s where the bar—and its expansive stock of whiskey—awaits. Start with a 40-year-old scotch or their exclusive Four Roses bourbon. Summon some short ribs from the on-site kitchen. Look out at the Transamerica building. Life is good.

2:15pm-???: Membership entitles you to the privilege of “checking out” pocket squares, cufflinks and/or a watch from their libraries of each. Get a cleanup from the master barber, freshen up a bit, then ride into the night via their Audi A8L car service.

Sometime in the future: There’ll be a rooftop.

Because of course there’ll be a rooftop.

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