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Published January 24, 2013

Contain Yourself
Aether’s New Shop in Hayes

Here’s the thing about shipping containers:



Actually, we don’t have much to say on the subject. But we do know some where you can get a handsome new coat...

Enter the brave new world of Aether Apparel, a shop built into three stacked shipping containers, now open in Hayes Valley.

You might remember Aether’s Airstream. Parked in the Hayes Proxy. Had a military tent out front and a fireplace inside. Whole thing filled with jackets. Well, that went so nicely that they decided to put down permanent roots just a few steps away. And now you can reap the benefits.

Most of the action happens on the first floor. There’s ski gear, like the super-techy altitude jacket equipped with a reflector used by avalanche rescue teams. And there’s a military field jacket made with a waterproof fabric originally used for WWII pilots. (Which should be strong enough to get you through a San Francisco rainstorm.)

For a quick refresh, hit the lounge upstairs, relax in one of the Eames chairs and contemplate the wintry lake mural. (We think it represents modern man’s alienation from himself. Though it could just be a lake.)

If your size isn’t on display, there’s a conveyor belt that will deliver goods from the third floor down to you.

You know, in case shopping in a shipping container wasn’t already industrial enough.
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