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Published November 26, 2012

The Need for Tweed
New Tweed Handsomeness at Unionmade

Harris Tweed for UnionmadeAh, Scotland.

Land of good whiskey. Of William Wallace and haggis and kilts and James Bond’s boyhood home. (We assume you saw Skyfall.)

Of sheep.

Also: a fair amount of tweed.

Here to bring a little bit of the Scottish Highlands to your person: Harris Tweed for Unionmade, an exclusive new collection of jackets, shirts and pocket squares made using a legendary Scottish tweed, available now.

This story begins in 1846. That’s when Mr. Harris Tweed (we assume) invented Harris tweed, a type of wool so popular and well regarded in Scotland that they passed an act of Parliament to define and protect it. So yeah: pretty big deal, as far as wool goes.

This story finishes in 2012. That’s when you’ll march into Unionmade and verily demand (or, you know, ask nicely for) some of their handsomest, tweediest finery. We’re talking brown herringbone blazers made by NYC’s Todd Snyder. A rugged overshirt from Gitman Bros. A lumberjack-y down vest from Crescent Down Works.

It’s all the kind of stuff we could see Daniel Craig, 007 and/or you wearing on a fox hunt in the Highlands, or while boarding up your childhood home in Scotland to protect M from Javier Bardem.

Or, like, on a date or something.
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