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Published September 25, 2012

Tailor Swift
A Bespoke Workshop in an Old Bank

It’s the little things.

The effortless way you move together.

The indescribable sensation when you touch.

The confidence knowing you’d look good together wherever you go.

Yup, finding the perfect suit can be hard...

Here to help: Wingtip Bespoke, a subterranean bank vault turned bespoke workshop for everything from handmade suits and shirts to hats and umbrellas, now open in Wingtip’s basement.

The list of what can be made according to your most detailed specifications in this sartorial clubhouse is long. There’s the obvious (suit, tux, shirt, shoes and blazers). The not-so-obvious (custom fedoras from Paul’s Hat Works, eyeglasses and furniture). And the sure-didn’t-see-that-coming (umbrellas).

Start by setting an appointment with Erik, your bespoke adviser. You’ll get to know each other in one of two ways: over a game of pool (on a table that occasionally houses the custom-shirt display). Or over a bottle of bourbon in the upholstery-lined bank vault turned dressing room.

Once your needs are discussed and your measurements taken, all of your vital information will be stored in one of the nearly 2,000 safety deposit boxes in the vault/dressing room.

Then, in four to six weeks, you’ll return to the vault to pick up your gear from Oxxford Clothes in Chicago or Peter Millar out of Canada.

Or as you’ll call it, making a withdrawal.
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