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Published September 05, 2012

In the Vault
A New Shop in the Old Bank of Italy

You can get a lot of things in an old bank.

A loan. Some checks. Maybe a handsome cashmere sweater.

Okay, maybe that last one’s only at this old bank...

Presenting Wingtip, a handsome new menswear emporium and barbershop, opening Friday in the century-old Bank of Italy building.

In short: the guys from On the Fly and Wingtip packed everything up and consolidated their store and private men’s club all under one very big roof. The store is the first phase of the rollout (the club debuts in December), and it all starts on the ground floor.

Everything you’d expect an old bank to have is still there: marble walls and floors, an outsized vault, brass bank-teller stations, doubloons. (Okay, maybe not doubloons.) Also, a craps table and On the Fly’s old 10-foot stuffed Alaskan Kodiak bear. Of course.

But now, it’s got clothes. Fall clothes. Dunhill jackets. Peter Millar cashmere. Wolverine boots. Plus, not-clothes: humidors and horn-tipped drinking vessels and a full-on barbershop and about 40 vintage Rolexes housed in watch winders in the vault.

You can never be too safe with these things.
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