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Published June 14, 2012

Spirit of ’76
Bourbon & Branch’s Tribute to America

America: f**k yeah.

Sorry, we had to get that out of our system. You see, there’s this bar. And, well... it’s so patriotic it hurts. In a good way.

In a whiskey way...

Meet Tradition (Trad for short), a two-story tribute to America’s true pastime (drinking whiskey), now soft-open.

A few things to know:

It’s from the Bourbon & Branch guys.
They’re prolific. You: not complaining.

It’s almost like nine bars in one.
There’s a section that’s broken up into nine booths, called “snugs.” Each one’s decorated in tribute to a classic type of American bar. So there’re carved masks and totems in the tiki-themed one. Expect representative drinks, too—so, yes, bathtub-gin punch in the speakeasy.

Prepare to confess.
Those booths happen to look like confessionals. You can reserve one for a date, or for up to seven drinking buddies.

You’ll really blend in.
The bartenders concoct their own blended spirits. But you can also blend your own. Soak some beer (for example) in a used bourbon barrel to prime it, then pour some 12-year-old whiskey in and age it to your liking. The result: your own private personal stash.

You might feel like you’re on jury duty. In the best possible way.
Grab one of the swivel seats that once served as juror seats at the courthouse in Sacramento and order a stiff Sazerac.

Look at it as your civic duty.
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