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Published March 30, 2012

Full Steam Ahead
Oktoberfest in April at AT&T Park

Baseball season: some say it’s too long.

Oktoberfest: everyone agrees it’s too short.

At last, we’ve found a happy medium: bringing Oktoberfest to the ballpark for the entire season.

Raise a stein to Anchor Plaza & Taproom, an alfresco, beer-focused corner oasis serving its local brews all season long while channeling the best of Munich, opening Monday on the Promenade Level at AT&T Park.

Think of this as your hydration station fueled with Anchor brewery classics, where you can spread out with rounds of Liberty Ale and still take in the game.

It’s almost as if the benches and tables were plucked from a beer garden in Munich and gently, lovingly placed here. But instead of an oompah band, you’ve got four flat-screens showing the game, as well as views of the bay and South Beach Yacht Club. And instead of lederhosen, you’ll probably be wearing something more understated, like perhaps a Giants cap. Or lederhosen.

The island bar is actually a weatherproof replica of Anchor Steam’s taproom in Potrero. So you’ll feel quite at home leaning against the marble top with your foot on the brass rail and ordering a round of their porter (which is exclusively poured here).

But for those moments when beer isn’t cutting it, this is also where you can pick up a Junípero gin and tonic—or an Irish coffee, if it’s a cold night.

Remember, cold is a sliding scale.
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