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Published January 21, 2013

In Good Spirits
A Massive Beer Shop in the Richmond

Healthy SpiritsJust a wild guess here.

But you probably... might’ve... okay, definitely consumed some beer yesterday. (Hey, 18 Super Bowl–free years has a way of making you thirsty.)

So now, to replenish your reserves...

Meet Healthy Spirits, the massively stocked second outpost of the cult Castro liquor store, now open in the Richmond.

We’ll keep this simple: you’ll go here when you need enough beer to supply an epic party. (You know, like the one you’ll be throwing in two weeks...)

You may know the original—a curious but awesome mix of rare beers, great bourbon and... homemade hummus. This place is like that, but much, much bigger.

The frills here: nonexistent. You’ll just have to make do with a ridiculous assortment of drinkable options. German lagers: of course. Belgian dubbels: naturally. Domestic small-batch beers: let’s just say 21st Amendment’s Marooned on Hog Island oyster stout—apparently the first oyster stout to be canned—is at your service.

As for whiskey, the smart move’s going with one of the private-label, cask-strength bourbons from Four Roses. Oh, and about that hummus. It’s made in-house, it’s delicious, and you’ll probably want to get some.

You’re on your own for a Colin Kaepernick ice sculpture.
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