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Published November 07, 2012

Berlinetta Wall
Burritt Room’s New Party Place

Sometimes you want a slick, fast sports car.

Sometimes you want a dimly lit bar with delicious cocktails.

Sometimes you want Donald Trump to maybe take a break from Twitter.

Well, today we’re getting you two out of three...

Meet Berlinetta Lounge, a spin-off cocktail lounge from the folks behind Burritt Room + Tavern, available now for private parties in the Mystic Hotel.

Inspired by vintage sports cars from the ’30s and named after the Italian term for “little saloon,” this place will be your entertaining headquarters away from home. A dimly lit den anytime you want to have up to 80 of your closest friends over.

It’s tucked unobtrusively off the lobby of the Mystic, where you’ll pass the front desk and head inside. You’ll recognize the black-and-white San Francisco street scenes on the walls from upstairs. But the motor-sports prints, vintage auto parts, leather chesterfield sofas and old-school race-car-y lights give the place a mechanic’s showroom vibe.

You’ll be able to customize the mobile bar with furnishings from Burritt Room—including drinks like the tequila-based Poquito Picante or Without Permission (made with chocolate bitters). You can also order, say, an ’01 Montebello just released from Ridge’s personal library.

As far as entertainment goes, they can set you up with anything from a pool table to a manned blackjack table.

Their table-acquisition team is on fire.
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