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Published January 08, 2014

Fish Out of Water
A Pop-Up Fly-Fishing Shop Inside Wingtip

Meet George.

Young guy. You’ll find him sitting behind a desk inside Wingtip. He might be leaning over on an elbow, staring poignantly out the window. Might be on his feet, doing a quick jumping jack. Probably not that.

Anyway, he’s there, and odds are he’s thinking about how to make you a master fisherman...

Yes, it’s true—there was something Wingtip couldn’t help you do better, and that thing was fishing, so now there’s a Lost Coast Outfitters pop-up inside, and it’s open until March or so.

Past the pool table, beyond the barbershop, you’ll see a dozen fishing rods, a simple desk and George. George won his first casting competition at 13. George is here to help you. You like George. Behind his desk is all manner of Pladra flannel shirts, Simms waders, Galvan fly reels and Fisknat wood nets.

Now that you’ve established artisanal fishing as a thing, you can go ahead and listen to George tell you what you need, fix your old gear and/or set you up with lessons through the Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club. (He happens to be the president of said club.)

He’ll also tell you where to go.

Straight to hell.

Just kidding. Straight to Trinity River. Good steelhead trout scene right now.
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